Oliver Agency

FYXER built a team to support the COO directly and to add capacity to the internal EAs who work with the global leadership team.


Launched in 2004, Oliver Agency designs, builds and runs bespoke in-house agencies and ecosystems for brands. Today, it creates work that delivers business growth, fame and purpose for over 200 clients in 46 countries and counting.

Why they came to fyxer

The signal for getting in touch was when a key member of the in-house support team, an EA, was moved to another division of the business. FYXER had an existing relationship with a partner company in Oliver Agency’s group so the team knew we provide access to a global talent pool of support staff who can operate across different time zones. This was a key requirement, particularly with event planning and production.

How we made a difference

Over 1000 guests attended the event. By its own admission, Oliver is not an event agency. We were able to step in at very short notice and own event pre-production, relieving pressure on and adding specific event expertise to Oliver’s team. On RSVP chasing alone, we calculate that our project team of six saved over two weeks’ of time for Oliver Agency.

The structure of our ongoing, managed service includes a client lead supported by a team of Fyxers. The idea is to ensure a seamless transition when anyone is on leave and that our support is always on. Oliver Agency’s leadership team were particularly taken with this approach, even to the point of considering implementing it across their business.

Finally our partnership with Oliver Agency is an example of how closely embedded FYXER support can become within a client’s team. Our lead, Lauren is seen as part of Oliver’s team, slotting into the business’ culture and internal working processes. Many at Oliver would have no idea she is an external resource.

WHAT we did

Oliver Agency started working with us in November 2021. We built a team of Fyxers to support the COO directly and to add capacity across the team of 9 in-house EAs who work with the global leadership team. Tasks included: diary management, travel and hospitality bookings, writing monthly newsletters and HR support.

Oliver’s event featured online and offline activations in both London and New York. We added a project team of six to lead pre-production and planning. FYXER owned supplier management.


  • Executive
  • Business


  • Managed Service
  • Projects


  • Diary management
  • Travel planning
  • Hospitality planning
  • Event planning
  • HR
  • Administrative support

Head of Marketing & PR

Rachel O'Rourke

“Put simply, we couldn’t have done this without Fyxer. I’ve never before worked with an events team that is so committed to our success, let alone talented. For me, they behaved like and became part of our team – which was totally priceless. The result was more than we could have hoped for.”
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