Napo Pet Insurance

Discover how FYXER revolutionized Napo Pet's customer support operations, delivering exceptional service and support to pet owners.


Napo Pet is a pet insurance company that provides coverage for dogs and cats, offering protection against accidents and illnesses, dental work, complementary treatment, behavioral treatment, emergency boarding, travel and holidays, finding missing pets, and third-party liability. We support Napo Pet with various customer support services, including handling claims, sending flowers to pet owners who have lost their beloved pets, responding to queries on their social media platforms, and addressing Trustpilot reviews.

Why they came to fyxer

We began supporting Napo Pet in March 2023 to enhance their customer support operations and provide a seamless experience for their policyholders.

How we made a difference

After raising their Series A, Napo Pet recognized the need to outsource non-core functions to support their scaling journey. They chose FYXER for our flexible workforce, allowing them to adapt resources based on changing priorities. What started as a 4-month project for an office move evolved into ongoing support with 6 agents for customer service and assistant support to their HR team. From scheduling interviews to managing onboarding, we've been an invaluable partner in Napo Pet's growth.

With our expertise and resources, we have boosted Napo Pet's customer support efficiency and effectiveness. Our prompt claims handling, empathetic interactions with grieving pet owners, and timely responses on social media and review platforms have elevated customer satisfaction and loyalty. Through our collaboration, Napo Pet delivers exceptional service to policyholders, ensuring a positive experience even during challenging times.

WHAT we did

Our support to Napo Pet is as a contingency partner - stepping into different departments as and when needed. We have supported them with a recent office move, supporting their customer service function and providing administrative support to their Head of HR. provided on a project basis, focusing on key areas of their customer support function.


  • Business


  • Project - Based


  • Diary management
  • Admin support 
  • Customer service support

Director of Operations of Napo Pet Insurance

Andrew Richardson

"Working with FYXER has been a game-changer for our business. Their team's expertise and commitment have significantly improved our efficiency and effectiveness in handling claims, and maintaining timely responses on social media and review platforms. Their seamless integration into our processes and dedication to delivering exceptional service have had a profound impact on our customer satisfaction and loyalty. "
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