La Fosse Associates

FYXER takes charge of hiring, training and managing its assistants so they save you time, instead of adding to it. Here’s why La Fosse Associates loved our unique approach.


La Fosse Associates is one of the fastest-growing recruitment agencies in the technology, digital and change sphere. Founded in 2007, La Fosse provides its clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their hiring needs, while its commitment to the candidate and employee care ensures it has access to the best recruiters and talent in the market. This business model has helped La Fosse evolve into a £100 million business within a decade, with over 200 recruiters based in four UK and two US offices.

Why they came to fyxer

As specialists in the hiring game, La Fosse knew exactly what they were after when looking for an experienced assistance solution to help streamline their activity. They turned to FYXER.

La Fosse appreciates the importance of attracting, recruiting and retaining talent to sustain its business growth. The agency specialises in not only placing the most suitable candidates with their clients, but also advising scaling companies on how to develop effective talent acquisition and retention processes in-house.

How we made a difference

La Fosse already had some assistants in place, but needed additional support that would save them time, not add to it. As Fyxers are placed, on-boarded and managed externally, La Fosse executives were able to reap the benefits of multiple experienced assistants without having to spend time hiring, training or developing full-time employees.

Meanwhile, as trusted confidantes outside of the company structure, the team of Fyxers acted as a sounding board for La Fosse’s executives to test and evolve new ideas before rolling out to their internal teams.

A key result was a demonstrable increase in the amount of time La Fosse executives were able to spend servicing clients versus managing employees. We take it as a feather in our cap that a recruitment agency, employing people experts at the top of their game, saw working with FYXER as a no-brainer.

WHAT we did

La Fosse didn’t want Ikea-style assistants that required building before they would work. They wanted an experienced, proactive and scalable resource that was ready to go whenever called upon.

FYXER provided just that. We built a team of Fyxers matched to La Fosse’s needs; able to take charge of the fluid intricacies of executives’ lives and to improve efficiencies without instruction. Tasks included booking meetings with clients, research to prepare executives for those meetings, overseeing training schedules and project management. The team of experienced Fyxers served as an extension of La Fosse’s executive team.


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  • Diary management
  • Administrative support
  • HR
  • Sales support
  • Project management

Head of Talent Strategy

Andrew Richardson

“As an HR professional, I may be a little biased, but having great people and effective HR frameworks are the building blocks of any successful business and if you ask me, that’s FYXER in a nutshell. From Day 1, their high-quality team provides answers, not questions, while their HR processes are efficient and hassle-free. FYXER is an HR dream”.
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