Kitt Offices

Kitt’s leadership team were looking for support through a crucial phase of growth as they raised investment and began international expansion.


Kitt is a full-service office platform that finds, designs, fits out and manages office space, taking the pain away from businesses. Kitt’s spaces are designed to elevate the brand, culture and productivity of teams, whilst removing the hassle of managing real estate.

Why they came to fyxer

In short, when Steve contacted FYXER he was looking for a support solution that could win back hours every day, across multiple fronts. One that could act as a life jacket to save him from drowning in admin and free him to devote more time and energy to key strategic tasks.

As Kitt has grown so have the demands and pressures on the CEO, Steve. The team was rapidly growing, international expansion was picking up pace and he was grappling with an ever-increasing daily task list.

How we made a difference

Our partnership with Kitt has coincided with the business achieving several key milestones - US expansion and closing a further round of funding to name but two. Freeing time for the two founders to dedicate focus where most needed has never been more important.

Testament to our positive contribution towards that can be seen in the expansion and evolution of our partnership through this crucial period. As well as building a bespoke team to serve Kitt’s specific needs, we were able to share advice and best practice from our experience helping a host of other rapidly expanding businesses navigate through growth pains.

As planning for US expansion ramped up, our flexibility to also work on US hours was naturally rather important. With Fyxers based all over the world we are able to offer time zone flexibility - even working across several simultaneously if required.

WHAT we did

Initially we onboarded Steve only, offering him our executive and personal services. Our partnership has evolved into also supporting his co-founder Lucy on an ongoing basis and bolting on support for the wider team on one-off projects and other tasks. Through our managed service, we owned tasks for the founders including diary management, inbox management, the coordination of investor meetings, administrative tasks, event and travel planning and HR support.

The impending US expansion was a key focus for Steve in particular. We are currently supporting him planning travel, logistics, recruitment and wherever else we could as he begins moving his whole life and family across the Atlantic! Our project support for Kitt has focused on lightening the load for specific teams within the business. We took on an intensive data entry project to speed up the production of Kitt’s marketing brochures.


  • Executive
  • Business


  • Managed Service
  • Projects


  • Diary management
  • Travel planning
  • Administrative support
  • Recruitment
  • HR
  • Marketing support
  • Event planning
  • Data entry


Steve Coulson

“FYXER wins back countless hours for my co-founder and I in so many different areas. This cleared up headspace for both of us and felt like our secret weapon at a crucial moment as we raised investment and began to expand internationally. FYXER step in to dynamically support the wider Kitt Team in other areas of the business so that we are able to focus on achieving our strategic aims.”
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