FullFunnel engaged FYXER for executive support, HR assistance, and strategic input. Our partnership evolved, resulting in one of our Fyxers joining their coaching department.


FullFunnel is a global Revenue Operations based in Boston, USA, that helps organizations solve capacity and capability problems in their revenue programs. They are a multi-disciplinary services firm that supports sales, marketing, and customer success teams across the world through our five core service lines: staffing, training, consulting, digital marketing and technology enablement. FullFunnel is on a mission to help organizations of all sizes GROW.

Why they came to fyxer

FullFunnel’s team began looking for virtual assistants initially. However they quickly realised that what they were looking for was a combination of different individuals with a range of skills and with capacity to work in different time zones. Finding, hiring and onboarding multiple times seemed cost and time inefficient.

We began working with FullFunnel in 2018 when it was scaling rapidly with headcount growing across all teams. The firm wanted to free time across the leadership and HR teams so they could focus more time and energy on international expansion, developing new hires and building culture.

How we made a difference

The access FYXER provides to a global pool of support talent was what got our foot in the door. With one contract, one point of contact, and a streamlined onboarding process, we assembled a team of Fyxers with diverse skillsets and capacities, resulting in significant efficiency and cost savings compared to FullFunnel's original virtual assistant plan.

We helped them tackle various administrative problems and amplify their global workforce, ensuring smooth operations and increased productivity. As we seamlessly integrated into FullFunnel's HR team, we leveraged the expertise of our project team and drew upon FYXER's direct experience in building fully distributed teams. This allowed us to provide strategic guidance and support tailored to their unique needs.

Through our evolving partnership, one of our Fyxers was permanently hired in FullFunnel's coaching department. FullFunnel, a high-performance hybrid team, successfully shifted from a traditional office-based structure. CEO Matthew recognizes the flexible support resource as the cornerstone of this transformation, significantly boosting team morale during task-heavy days and the challenges posed by the pandemic.

WHAT we did

FYXER partnered with FullFunnel to provide executive support and HR assistance during their rapid growth phase. Our focus was on freeing up time and headspace for the leadership team to focus on strategic tasks. We embedded within FullFunnel's HR team, offering strategic input and support in early-stage recruitment across international operations. As the pandemic hit, we guided FullFunnel through the transition to a remote workforce.

In 2023, FullFunnel sought our support in filling critical roles in new markets, and we successfully facilitated dozens of new hires. Our partnership has provided high-quality recruitment support and helped FullFunnel scale efficiently.


  • Executive
  • Business


  • Managed service
  • Projects
  • Direct hire


  • Diary management
  • Travel planning
  • Administrative support
  • Recruitment
  • HR


Matthew Iovanni

"I can't speak highly enough about FYXER. I would recommend them to anybody looking to globalize their workforce. They are exceptional remote partners, providing top talent and delivering outstanding results. For any executive or founder seeking to optimize their time, FYXER is a game-changer. It has been a fantastic experience for me, and I'm confident it will be for you too."
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