Using a bespoke template and guidelines, FYXER ensured DueDil’s CEO had time each week to complete his priority tasks.


DueDil is a predictive company intelligence platform that helps clients with exposure to SMEs find opportunities and mitigate risks. DueDil’s provides authoritative information on more than 50 million companies and the people behind them. Founded in 2011 and based in London, DueDil is now one of the largest sources of company intelligence in Europe.

Why they came to fyxer

Justin increasingly found his attention being pulled in all directions: team meetings, lunches, calls, one-to-ones, speaking engagements and client pitches were dominating his day-to-day. This gave him little time to focus on his core work, and decreased his time with his family. He wanted an assistant who would not only take non-critical tasks off his hands but also ensure he had time to achieve both his work and personal goals. He turned to FYXER.

DueDil has an ambitious goal: to be the fuel of a more informed and connected economy. In just seven years, DueDil has taken giant strides towards that goal by expanding its coverage to more than 50 million companies. As DueDil has expanded, so has the number of tasks on Co-Founder and CEO Justin Fitzpatrick’s to-do list.

How we made a difference

With this structure in place, Justin was able to regain control of his working week. By managing and updating his diary according to the devised guidelines, FYXER was able to improve Justin’s productivity and ensure he had time each week to complete his priority tasks.

Meanwhile, knowing what he could realistically achieve each week, Justin was better able to set targets both for himself and DueDil. By using FYXER, he was able to not only achieve a better work/life balance, but also perform to a higher level due to retained energy and improved mental well-being.

WHAT we did

Justin sat down with FYXER and established a set of guidelines and working rules that would help him achieve his ‘perfect’ week. These involved both work and personal goals that he wanted to achieve, such as working one day out of the office and always getting home for 8pm.

Following these rules, his Fyxer then acted as a gatekeeper. Each week, Justin would set out his goals and his Fyxer would make sure he had time to realise them. From blocking out two hours each morning (so Justin could work whilst at his most productive) to only patching through calls from a list of key contacts (such as clients, investors and family), FYXER gave Justin the best chance possible to meet his targets.


  • Executive
  • Personal


  • Managed Service


  • Diary management
  • Travel planning
  • Administrative support

CEO & Co-Founder

Justin Fitzpatrick

“When I started working with FYXER, I had a clear idea of what I wanted and that’s what they delivered. I used to get bogged down in urgent, non-critical issues that meant I missed the things that mattered most. Now, my Fyxer makes sure I always have the time for them.”
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