Blenheim Chalcot

Blenheim Chalcot was looking for executive support for its leadership team and to explore what FYXER could offer across its portfolio of companies to accelerate growth.


Blenheim Chalcot is a digital venture builder. Founded in 1998 it traces its roots back to Netdecisions, the internet services group. Already back then the firm set out to build companies to transform industry sectors. And since then it has become the UK’s leading venture builder, with portfolio sales of over £350m, more than 3,000 employees, and a successful track record of over 40 companies.

Why they came to fyxer

Blenheim Chalcot was looking for help across different time zones and business lines, so wanted to access an international talent pool with varied skill sets. Ease of setup and onboarding were also key requirements, due to the fast pace of operations and growth across its portfolio.

Blenheim Chalcot and its portfolio of companies work globally in diverse sectors, with complicated teams who often operate under high pressure. The firm was looking for executive support for the leadership team and adding capacity across key functions in the core business. It also wanted to explore what FYXER could offer across its portfolio companies.

How we made a difference

The initial brief we had from Blenheim Chalcot centered on finding executive support for one individual in the main business. The evolution of that conversation, into how we could become a strategic partner to add value and accelerate growth across its portfolio, was down to the range and depth of support talent FYXER offers.

Our partnership is a strong example of how we work with venture builders, PEVC firms and groups of companies

The CEOs and leaders of venture-backed businesses are notorious for working under immense pressure, spinning plates in all directions. We see winning back time for these individuals as one of the most impactful ways we can make a difference. Steve Quinn, CEO of EMV, calculated his Fyxers were gaining him 15-20 hours back per week. Our support was seen as key to winning back focus and relieving stress by ClearScore’s CEO, Justin Basini.

WHAT we did

We built a team of Fyxers to directly support Blenheim Chalcot’s leadership team on a daily basis, covering diary management, travel planning and owning key administrative workflows. Blenheim Chalcot then rolled out our support services as a resource to offer its portfolio companies. We started working with ClearScore, a fast growth fintech business, offering business and executive support as it scaled beyond 100 staff. Read more here.

With two other portfolio companies, Contentive and Emerging Media Ventures we offered both retained, daily support to the leadership team and also bolted on additional Fyxers on a project basis to lighten the load during busy periods. These projects included but were not limited to Digital Marketing Support; Campaign Management; Revenue Ops Support; Data and Reporting Analytics - with many more in the pipeline.


  • Executive
  • Business
  • Personal


  • Managed Service
  • Projects


  • Scheduling
  • Travel planning
  • Administrative support
  • Recruitment
  • HR Event planning

CEO, Emerging Media Ventures

Steve Quinn

"I feel that I am getting leverage, am well-resourced and have the support I need. If I had to quantify this, it feels as if I'm getting 15-20 hours of my personal time back each week, giving me back my sanity."
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