How virtual and in-house assistants can work together

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Archie Hollingsworth
November 17, 2021

When it comes to executive support, many people think there is a binary choice between hiring an in-house EA and employing virtual support. In fact, combining the two can bring a number of benefits to your business. Our Fyxers, for example, perfectly complement internal support teams to enhance the productivity of an executive, their company and the assistants themselves. Here’s how.

Reduced workload

In-house PAs often support a number of executives, which can stretch their time and resources, especially during peak periods. This not only hinders performance, but adversely impacts morale too. However, working with a Fyxer takes the weight off their shoulders. Knowing each other’s shifting priorities, roles and workloads, they can collaborate to avoid pinch points and ensure all tasks are dealt with efficiently and smoothly. The flexible nature of the relationship ensures that when support is needed, it’s there.

Improved performance

By working in tandem, Fyxers increase an in-house EA’s productivity, happiness and performance, whilst taking work off an EA’s plate also reduces stress and helps avoid burn-out.

Meanwhile, being able to bounce ideas off one another ensures both the Fyxer and in-house PA are more productive and deliver a more streamlined service. Ultimately, a Fyxer is like the assistant’s assistant: freeing up their time to focus on what matters.

Maintain internal culture

Hiring a flexible, external solution like FYXER enables companies to preserve their working culture and maintain the dynamism of a small in-house team. With this collaborative model, there is no need to make expensive full-time hires that change the ‘feel’ of the office or cuts into the company's resources.

Better service

Most importantly, the collaborative model improves the level of service for the executive, who has the best of both worlds. With Fyxers and in-house EAs working together, the executive is never caught in the lurch by holidays, sick leave or burn-out. They have constant cover and year-round support.

What’s more, they receive a premium service, with two productive, engaged and efficient assistants working in unison to deliver incredible support. With the collaborative model, the stage is set for executives to perform at their best and drive their company forward.


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STEVE, Blenheim chalcot

“It feels as if I’m getting 15-20 hours of my personal time back, giving me back my sanity. Do I feel less stressed? Yes, one million percent.”


HOW Long does it take to get started?

After an initial discovery call, we will put forward a proposal and ask for you to give us the go-ahead. Once the contract is signed we can deploy your bespoke team of Fyxers within 24-72 hours.


After our discovery call we create a team from our pool of talent that is matched to your particular needs. One advantage of working with FYXER is that you gain a team with multiple skill sets, experiences and capacities, working across different time zones.

What happens in my first few days working with FYXER?

In your kick-off call with your Account Director and lead Fyxer we will discuss current priorities and urgent tasks, also confirming the style of communication and working that best suits you. Once we are set up on your systems your Fyxers will start owning tasks on day 1.

Will I always work with the same person?

You will have a dedicated Fyxer who leads the day to day delivery of work for you, supported by a team of Fyxers, matched to your specific needs. Our account management team will be your main point of contact and trusted advisors at every stage of working with FYXER.

What happens when my Account Director or MY Fyxers are on holiday?

Because you will have a team supporting you, it means when your AD or any Fyxers are away, there is always someone that is familiar with your needs and the specific support you receive from FYXER. This ensures you receive a consistent level of service.

What does the day to day experience look like for me?

We create a communication and management structure tailored to what works best for you. You will have regular and open communication channels to confirm tasks and priorities with your Fyxers, this usually involves a combination of Slack, email and calls alongside more structured weekly stand ups. Each month you have a monthly meeting with your Account Director to cover strategic priorities, feedback and any new projects or areas you need help with. Once onboarding is complete, your Fyxers use your systems so will be executing tasks and owning workstreams in the background whilst you get on with the important stuff.

How does FYXER handle sensitive information?

Data security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us. We use secure, encrypted software which gives you the ability to share sensitive data, whether personal or business, safely and securely with FYXER. A fundamental pillar of your relationship with FYXER is having total trust that any confidential information you share with us will be treated as such.

Will I meet my Fyxers in person?

We do meet clients in person regularly, however we pride ourselves on our ability to work remotely and the majority of our relationship will be remote.

How do you deal with offline or IRL tasks?

We have working hubs in cities including New York, San Francisco, London, Manchester, Cape Town and Doha and local partners who can deliver in person tasks in other major cities across the world.

What if I need support outside the scope of your regular services?

Our support extends across executive, business and personal tasks. Read more on our services page. However, if you need help beyond our regular services you can discuss this with your Account Director and we will create a bespoke solution.